Offer free or billable service: You can offer the WI-FI for free in your vehicle for X minutes or Y Mb and then ask for a credit card to continue to use the Wifi.

Control Websites visited: Our tool allows you to block individual sites or category of sites (like porn).

Collect useful marketing information: To connect to the WI-FI, you can ask your users to log using their Facebook account, you can ask them their cell phone number and send them a WIFI code by SMS or ask them to fill a form.

Stay local, even in USAOur system allows you to put two SIMs in your device. One from a Canadian carrier and one from a US carrier. We can also provide both. This allows your Wifi system to use the Canadian sim in Canada and the US sim in USA and avoid high roaming telecom bills. 

Stream publicity to the users: Some systems allow you to send publicity to a user or add a banner to their screen. This publicity can be sex based (yoga courses or hockey tickets), time based (coffee or beer) or GPS based (coffee shop at the next bus stop

​​Stream media: With this option, you can provide your passengers with a range of information, movies, TV shows, games and magazines, when they connect their smartphone, tablet, or laptop to your on-board network.  Not only does this increase satisfaction levels by providing high quality, relevant content, it also reduces the amount of passengers using the on-board internet connection therefore enhancing the Wi-Fi experience as well as reducing your data charges at the same time – win win.

​​​​​Stream passenger information: Setting expectations is key to a happy customer.  With the on-board portal you can provide your passengers with the latest information about on-board services, rewards schemes, urgent notices as well as their journey information.

complete  YET SIMPLE Solution

Specialized in mobile Wi-Fi solutions, CMO's team has been part of big Wi-Fi solutions for trains and yards, medium Wi-Fi solutions for bus and small Wi-Fi solutions for cars in the past couple of years. We have concluded partnership with many manufacturers that allows us to recommend the best product for your own needs. Packed with our services, backed by our unique experience, the solution we will recommend will match your expectations... and fit in your budget.


Ideal for bus, taxi, trains, cruise boats, our Wi-Fi solution can be adapted to your exact business needs. Afraid about the telecom fees, we have many options to help control bandwith used and your budget. 



​​CMO's goal is to be a trustworthy business partner who make your M2M projects hassle-free. We can integrate all the solutions that we propose by offering a complete portfolio of services needed in your M2M project life-cycle.​


Your first goal might be to offer free WI-FI in your buses, but after running your WI-FI solution for couple of months, you will probably realize you also need some management tools. Hopefully our solution offers them as an option, so if you havn't bought them from the start, it's never too late to add them.

Raise the quality of service: Your competitors already offer Wifi. To be competitive, not only you also need to offer this option

Reduce expenses: With the engine diagnostic, the fuel economy and idle time monitoring tools you can reduce fuel expenses and repairs costs.

Increase fleet productivity: The live vehicle tracking tool and the stop and arrival information can maximize the vehicles uptime and protect your department from false claims.

Increase staff productivity: Raise staff productivity by analyzing stop and arrival information, driver's habit and by analyzing the speed and mileage reports.

​​Turnkey: The solution is designed to work from day 1 and don't need any other investment prior to be 100% operational.

​Being a system integrator and not a hardware manufacturer allows us to recommend one or many hardware solution to a client. Based on his own custom needs, we can recommend the hardware solution that matches it's needs. This allows us to work on small Wi-Fi solutions for basic needs for some clients and high-end WIFI solution for other clients.

Our portfolio of Wi-Fi solution fits your needs, and our experience will help you to bypass the common errors your competitors do.