Been an official iNet Vu reseller and installer across Canada allows us to offer nomadic satellite Internet access for our clients who need an Internet access where there is no cellular coverage.

The iNetVu® 7000 Controller series allows users in any vertical market to connect to any satellite in under 2 minutes, with just the push of a button, providing voice, video and data to users around the globe.

Users of the iNetVu® product include World Governments, Militaries, Service companies, Police command centers, Oil & Gas companies, Broadcasters, Emergency Responders, Hospitals (Telemedicine), Banks (Mobile Banking), Schools (Mobile Education), Race Teams, Mining Companies and many other verticals.


CyberKar Systems, our police division, just launched an in-dash, mobile and military-inspired IT setup that is the high-end alternative to the "laptop on a post" design. The included in-dash military tablet is airbag-safe, frees in-vehicle space, reduces gaz consumption and saves money on fleet management. Furthermore, It's a high-end IT solution that differs from the competition by offering a safe, ergonomic and user oriented solution designed exclusively for law enforcement vehicle fleets​.


With more than 10 years in the industry, we have the experience required to recommand a setup that will be both secure and ergonomic. Please contact us for any need regarding rugged tablets, computers, mounts and console, but also modems, antennas, mobile VPN, screen blankers, in-car video or any custom development.



Not only will your portal enhance your passengers experience and reduce your capex and opex costs, it is also a great platform for additional revenue streams.

You can maximise the revenue potential of your new media platform by displaying advertisements while users browse your media portal.

Our advanced features allow for various types of advertising including standard banners, skypscrapers, MPUs, video adverts as well as innovative interactive features.




This advanced vehicle telemetry solution can, like the commercial fleet vehicles tracking solution,  provide you with the vehicle's position and it's speed and go way further. This solution can inform you of detailed information concerning the vehicle and the driver, like the oil temperature, gaz level, gaz consomption, driver's habit, the planned route, etc.

This simple yet effective solution can help you manage your fleet more efficiently. It can provide you with important information regarding your operations, like the vehicle's position on a map and it's speed. This simple and cheap solution have a very fast return on investment timeframe.

​​CMO's goal is to be a trustworthy business partner who make your M2M projects hassle-free. We can integrate all the solutions that we propose by offering a complete portfolio of services needed in your M2M project life-cycle.​

Enhance your passenger’s experience by providing them with a range of news headlines, movies, TV shows, books, games and magazines, when they connect their smartphone, tablet, or laptop to your on-board network.


This solution is made for school buses and can: ​

  • Keep parents happy by monitoring stop arrival times and compare against planned times

  • Manage your route, ensuring on-time departures and track route compliance

  • ​Alert parents when the bus is near the bus stop

CMO's team of experienced professionals integrate our partner's solutions in a wide variety of industries. We can also developp and integrate custom M2M turn-key solutions that are sturdy, stable and reliable. 

CMO has the expertise to build robust custom solution. When you need to monitor inputs from a vehicle, a device or any group of sensors, we have the expertise to build a custom solution that will meet your needs. 

If a solution does not already exist, we will build it based on your needs.


When you plan a backup link for any mission critical environment, you don't want to use another wired link. The physical cable would come from the same pole and if it breaks, both link would be down. This is why a robust wireless failover link is usefull.

You can also put all your main traffic on a wired link and require another link for mission critical data such as VOIP or credit card transactions.

Our wireless failover link can be deployed shortly and provide LTE speeds for your office, station, garage, or any mission critical environment.

Our solution allows remote offices, temporary sites and remote devices to connect the internet using a cellular or satellite link.  We propose to : 

  • Do an RF site survey to analyse and design a wireless network that can deliver the desired wireless coverage, data rates and capacity.

  • Optimize the cellular signal with a cellular amplifier or indoor antennas, if needed. 

  • Configure and install the equipment.

We help cities and contractors better manage snow removal operations. With our custom solution, you can:

  • Monitor snow removal operation in real time.

  • Monitor and coordinate contractors and workers in real time.

  • Prove snow removal and de-icing was correctly done and avoid criminal prosecution.

  • Manage snow dump activities in real time.




Our solution is an affordable alternative or backup to costly MPLS links. It aggregate multiple wireless links to create a single virtual IPSEC VPN link between your sites. Key features are :


  • Single, dual or quad LTE modem

  • Fully encrypted IPSEC VPN tunnel between remote and central site

  • Secure : there is no external USB key

  • Monitoring software

  • External antenna (optional)



CMO WIFI on board solution can help you control WIFI costs, improve WIFI service quality and improve customer satisfaction:

  • The US data plan option helps you reduce the roaming fees

  • Traffic shaping and Web filter options helps you limit bandwith-consuming users and websites

  • The biling options gives you the opporunity to implement pay per use fees plans

  • The social apps integration gives you a lot of information about the users


Keep your passengers informed with up to the minute journey information, moving maps as well as instant notifications.  Location based information and weather forecasts for thier destination are also ways to keep your passengers engaged.


Our solution helps operators monitor water level and pressure and remotely control pumps. It is a modern alternative to slow dialup monitoring link. Our solution comes with those options:

  • Modems and antenna provisioning

  • Modems configuration

  • Onsite installation

​​Using cellular network or private network, our 15 years of experience in the industry allows us to provide the products and services you need for your water pumps monitoring and control.



This solution is a wireless monitoring system, asset tracking and data reporting service. It delivers critical tank level information 24/7, available vitually anywhere in the world. 

The solutions manufacturer dedicated his processes and tank telemetry products towards meeting the needs of many storage markets like chemicals, diesel, fuels and lubes, propane and water treatment chemicals.

​​CMO, ​Managed  Wireless Solutions

Our expertise resides in optimizing the bandwidth used by cameras to avoid cellular carriers overcharges.  Those cameras are often used in:


  • Public parks

  • Remote buildings

  • Special events

  • Emergencies monitoring


Our camera specialists can help you choose the right hardware and software for your needs, configure it and deploy the system.