​​​CMO, ​Managed  Wireless Solutions

CMO's goal is to be a trustworthy business partner who make your M2M projects hassle-free. We are a team of experienced professionals that can help you throughtout all of your M2M project life-cycle.​ Furthermore, our expertise covers a wide range of M2M solutions for different industries.

Our sale representatives have an extensive knowledge of the M2M market. ​Based on your needs, they can help you choose the right components between a huge variety of choices. Rather than wanting to close sales at any price, the sales representatives' objective is to be your long term business partner.

If you need a pre-deployment RF analysis of a site, we have specialists that can do theoretical and practical RF site survey. They detect active access points that can induce noise or channel saturation, measure signal strength and noise level. They will provide a report that will deliver the required wireless coverage, data rates and network capacity.

Our technicians have a lot of experience with many different equipments and environments. They are able to install M2M equipment in different vehicles like police cars, trains and trucks. They have also the skills and experience to install the equipment in cellular towers, industrial offices and in remote locations.

We offer a wide range of support options, from basic after-sale help to 24/7/365 onsite support. Our support technicians have the knowledge and ability to diagnose and resolve problems related to network equipment, hardware and software. Our support team will work with all the parties implicated in the IT system to diagnose and resolve any problem.

Your IT system might be critical to your operations. This is why we offer to monitor your network for slow or failing components and services that could affect your operations. Coupled with our support service, we can minimize the amount and duration of service interruptions.




Our competitive M2M worldwide data plans allow the use of a single SIM and a single data plan to work worldwide. Not only can we distribute activated SIM card for your M2M solution in 24 to 48 hours across Canada and USA, we can do the staging, manage the billing and provide a bilingual technical support. 



Our team of dedicated professionals will work in partnership with your operational and IT departments to configure the solution to the exact needs of your IT system. They have the experience needed in the M2M market to optimize the equipment they configure. They can also stage large amounts of equipment to make your large-scale M2M projects run perfectly.



M2M solution design and integration can be challenging and complex. Our solution architects will help you simplify the task by analysing your unique organizationnal situation. They have the experience and knowledge needed to suggest the best solution architecture that can address your specific problems and requirements.