​​CMO's goal is to be a trustworthy business partner who make your M2M projects hassle-free. We can integrate all the solutions that we propose by offering a complete portfolio of services needed in your M2M project life-cycle.​

Raise the quality of service: With all the tools and features in Synsurance™, you will stand out from the competition by raising the overall quality of service offered to your customers.

Reduce expenses: With the engine diagnostic, the fuel economy and idle time monitoring tools you can reduce fuel expenses and repairs costs.

Increase fleet productivity: The live vehicle tracking tool and the stop and arrival information can maximize the vehicles uptime and protect youR department from false claims.

Increase staff productivity: Raise staff productivity by analyzing stop and arrival information, driver's habit and by analysing the speed and mileage reports.

​​Turnkey: The solution is designed to work from day 1 and don't need any other investment prior to be 100% operational.


Synsurance™ includes everything you need to better manage your fleet. You’ll see a significant improvement in the areas of cost savings, vehicle uptime and the overall quality of service that is offered to your customers. Synsurance’s™  solution has many benefits:

The route verification tools allow you to confirm your vehicles have traveled specific routes. With the real-time tracking tools, your dispatchers can react swiftly to public requests and identify false claims faster, saving time and resources. What’s more, you can increase vehicle uptime with our engine fault code alerts by proactively managing minor repairs before they become major problems.

As the manager of a vehicle fleet, you have a lot to contend with: offering a good service to your clients, tightening budgets and rising fuel costs, just to name a few. Fortunately, CMO offers a complete solution – Synsurance™, from Synovia Solutions™. This solution helps you enhance service to the community, keeping your vehicles on the road while ensuring every mile is covered.



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