​​CMO, ​Managed  Wireless Solutions


CMO's goal is to be a trustworthy business partner who make your M2M projects hassle-free. We have experienced professionals that can help you throughtout all of your M2M project life-cycle : Value-added representation, Consultation, RF Site Survey, Local and international SIM provisioning, Configuration and staging, Installation, Monitoring and 24/7/365 Onsite support 


Based on the partnership with all the major players in the industry, and combined with our sense of innovation,we create solutions for a wide range of needs. Our M2M solutions are available for the transport, utility, energy, retails and smart cities markets. For a complete list of our solutions, please click on the button below.

International SIM

Our competitive M2M worldwide data plans allow the use of a single SIM and a single data plan to work worldwide. ​


Based on the credibility and experience we gathered over the years, we developed strategic partnership with major actors in the industry.We offer all the equipment needed for M2M solutions. Some of our partners are :

Cloud Monitored Objects
Cloud Monitored Objects (CMO) is a firm that specializes in M2M solution integration. 

We offer many exclusive solutions as well as M2M related products and services. Our team of experts has a vast experience in the telemetry and M2M markets. No
matter the size of the project, we can manage each step of its life-cycle, from solution architecture to onsite maintenance..

​Our technicians have expertise in the following areas : networking, telecommunications, IT, hardware and software specific to M2M solutions. By combining their extended expertise with feedback from the support department and the optimization of insurance quality processes, our technicians configure solutions that meet our customers’ precise needs while being highly available, stable and reliable.